Jul 212016



  1. Wish I Was Your River (Terry And The Pirates)
  2. Tagudaun (Andalusian Dog)
  3. Living And Loving (Andalusian Dog)
  4. One More Saturday Night (The Grateful Dead)
  5. Untitled #2 (Andalusian Dog)
  6. Sleeping Underground / White-Room (Andalusian Dog / Cream)
  7. Untitled #3 (Cortesi)
  8. Thats What You Always Say (Dream Syndicate)
  9. Untitled #4 (Andalusian Dog)
  10. Your Eyes (Andalusian Dog)
  11. Grub (Andalusian Dog)
  12. Get Off My Age (Andalusian Dog)
  13. Tagudaun take 2 (Andalusian Dog)


  • Ferruccio “Gnaffo” Cortesi – Vocals
  • Paolo Guiducci – Guitar
  • Paolo Bondi – Guitar
  • Andrea Collini – Bass
  • Giuseppe “Geppo” Casadei – Drums

Recording notes:

  • Source: Tape
  • Audience recording by Marco Zoffoli, at the Pick-Up, Cesenatico (FC), Italy, December 1992.

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