Jan 082017

Arnold Layne

A-side of the first Pink Floyd’s single Arnold Layne (10-Mar-1967).
By Syd Barrett (Pink Floyd)

Traduzione in dialetto romagnolo a cura di mazapegul:

Arnold Lein l’aveva un viziazz
E ciavèva i pèn steis sota e cièr dla Louna
I i’ stasèva propri ben

In te mour u’iera un spèc grand
U s’avdeva imbruiè, al mudandi zilèsti cus vèd e sotta, por burdèl
L’ha tolt quèlli

Oh Arnold Lein, la n’è la stesa roba
E bsogna lès in dou par savèi, dou par savèi
T’an vì?

Arnold Lein
Arnold Lein

Adès i l’ha ciap pr’un un spurcazòun
I l’ha cious in tla prisòun
U gni pis gamba

Arnold Lein
Arnold Lein

Arnold Lein, ta ne fèga piò!

Testo originale:

Arnold Layne had a strange hobby
Collecting clothes, moonshine washing lines
They suit him fine

On the wall hung a tall mirror
Distorted view, see through, baby blue
He got it

Oh Arnold Layne, it’s not the same
It takes two to know, two to know, two to know, two to know
Why can’t you see

Arnold Layne
Arnold Layne
Arnold Layne

Now he’s caught a nasty sort of person
They gave him time, doors bang chaingang
He hated

Arnold Layne
Arnold Layne
Arnold Layne

Don’t do it again!

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