Feb 252017


Deafheaven, This Will Destroy You and Emma Ruth Rundle at The Independent, San Francisco, 23-Feb-2017.

Emma Ruth Rundle setlist:

  1. Run Forever
  2. So, Come
  3. Protection
  4. Medusa
  5. Marked For Death
  6. Heaven

This Will Destroy You setlist:

  1. The Mighty Rio Grande
  2. Quiet
  3. War Prayer
  4. Dustism
  5. Burial on the Presidio Banks
  6. Little Smoke

Deafheaven setlist:

  1. Brought to the Water
  2. Baby Blue
  3. Come Back
  4. Language Games
  5. Unrequited
  6. Cody (Mogwai cover)
  7. Dream House
  8. Sunbather
  9. The Pecan Tree
  10. Daedalus (encore)

The day after, same venue:

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