Feb 092018

Non puoi “cacciare” chi ha una richiesta di asilo in corso. Non puoi organizzare i rimpatri se non conosci la nazione di provenienza o se con essa non hai accordi in tal senso. Non puoi lasciare che i migranti affoghino in mare. Il problema dell’immigrazione va affrontato in modo realista con serie politiche comunitarie di integrazione. Chi offre soluzioni facili e demagogiche non ti risolverà il problema, esporrà solo più persone al crimine ledendo infine la “sicurezza”, la ragione per cui chiedono il tuo voto.

Feb 062018

A selection of more than one thousand albums/recordings I consider essential, from 1923 to the present. Click the decade link to view the whole decade in one page or click the single year.

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The lists:

Notes about the lists:

  • This is a work in progress.
  • The lists are focused on rock music, including roots and derivative genres. So they cover other genres as well, even if not extensively, in those cases where the content is considered influential for rock music.
  • The first section (Early blues, jazz, folk and rock ‘n’ roll) includes mostly compilations. The other lists include albums only, although there are few exceptions.
  • They include 10 main albums per year (at least starting from 1964) plus a variable number of notable albums listed after (I’m more “generous” in the last decade). The release date is reported between the parenthesis and the albums are sorted by that date, unless specification indicates otherwise.
  • Straight blues is covered more extensively here: Blues recordings selection.
  • The following acronyms are used to identify some minority genres or nationalities:

Album covers selected from the lists above, one for each year: