Jan 192018

La colpa politica più grossa del Berlusca e banda è quella di avere impedito che in Italia potesse nascere una destra moderna e liberale, l’hanno sempre distrutta sul nascere, privilegiando gli interessi privati, le accozzaglie populiste o nostalgiche, calpestando l’antitrust, il conflitto di interessi e l’indipendenza del potere giudiziario.

Nov 202016


Dear American friends, it was hard to believe but it happened. I’m Italian, we have Mr. Berlusconi and we had to go through the same crap, which is still far from being over. Now, there is a good chance that history will repeat itself in the US. We don’t want that, so we should learn from Italys’ mistakes.

The opposition should avoid blaming Trump with generic statements like racism, misogyny, xenophobia, etc. Even if that’s the truth, it will only allow him to play the part of the victim, which he’s really good at. It will force the Republicans and his supporters to defend him and finally get more tied together. The Democrats should also avoid rejecting everything that comes from Trump, they should actually work together on the few things that they agree with. By doing this the Democrats will gain credibility when it’s time to be strongly intransigent on the real issues.

Mr. Trump has a serious conflict of interests, which is embarrassing for the Republicans in the first place. The Democrats should be focused on this. Trump will try to minimize it, and while running the country he’ll make it worse. Like Berlusconi, he won’t have any personal conflict with it.

In Italy Berlusconi kept blaming the Italian Democratic Party, accusing them to be like the old Communist Party, even if they never act as a real opponent, they were actually mostly friendly behind the scenes. While Berlusconi was busy fighting the Return of the Living Communists, he raised the conflict against the Justice system, and force the Parliament to approve laws to save himself or his friends from trials. Berlusconi’s real enemy was not the political opposition. His real enemies were independent people: magistrates, politicians, journalists and even comedians (the few of them that didn’t get the paycheck from him). Most of these people were even right wing, actually the ones that might have had credibility around his supporters. Berlusconi slandered them one by one by exploiting his own house organs, and made them harmless. But what is more interesting is the fact that the Italian Democratic Party didn’t stand up for a single one of them.